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Respiratory Therapist job at SKMT Peshawar latest November 2023

Respiratory Therapist job at SKMT Peshawar latest November 2023

Respiratory Therapist job at SKMT Peshawar by November 2023. Are you a Respiratory therapist searching for a job? Looking for a medical job that has flexible working hours? Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Peshawar has just announced numerous new vacancies for paramedical staff and Respiratory therapists. The respiratory therapist plays a pivotal role in the Hospital. As a respiratory therapist, you have to deal with any kind of Oxygen therapy. The core responsibility of a Respiratory Therapist is to make sure the patient has no breathing difficulty and has smooth oxygenation and ventilation. Furthermore, Respiratory therapists are part and parcel of every hospital. One can not deny the fact that respiratory therapists or respiratory physiologists have shown there presence multiple times during patient care. Either a patient just hit the Emergency department with any pulmonary disease, i.e., COPD, Asthma, pulmonary edema, or any other. The first responder is a Respiratory therapist. Similar, a patient who is critically ill and needs a ventilator, they are standing at the front end.

Job Positions:

SKMT vacancies are for three posts.

  • Junior Respiratory Therapist
  • Medical Lab Technologist,
  • Trainee Endoscopy Technician

So the jobs in the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust are for different locations. The respiratory therapist job is for SKMT Peshawar, and the medical lab technologist job, and trainee endoscopy technician job are for SKMT Lahore. If you are interested in Lahore, two vacancies are available for these medical positions. Do not wait for the deadline; apply ASAP!

Job Responsibilities for Respiratory therapist job

The applicant who is applying for a respiratory therapy job in SKMT, must have hands on skills in each and every responsibility mentioned.

  • . The applicant must understand each and every Oxygen Therapy device.
  • When to use nasal cannula, face mask, venturi mask, non rebreather mask, rebreather mask, and partial rebreather mask,
  • The working physiology of each and every oxygen therapy device.
  • How to use a BIPAP or CPAP machine, what pressure to set, and which machine is clinically appropriate for the patient.
  • Each and every aspect of ventilator, Modes, Mechanism, Physiology, Boyles Law, and Parts of Ventilator
  • Chest drain management, single chamber, double chamber, three chamber chest drain.
  • How to assist chest drain, When to remove chest drain and everything related.
  • Can perform the pulmonary functioning test (PFT) and interpret the values.


The applicant must have the following qualifications for this medical job in SKMT

  • A bachelor’s degree in Respiratory therapy from any HEC recognized institute
  • A bachelors degree in Critical Care technology
  • OR An associate degree in Respiratory Therapy from any reputed organization
  • Along with associates, those applicants who have done a postgraduate diploma in Repository Care from SKMT get preference to others.
  • Applicant with associate must have 2-3 years of experience
  • Any additional certification will increase the chances for your hiring i.e. ACLS, BLS, and PALS etc.

How to apply for respiratory therapy job

Applicant needs to apply through proper channel, the interested candidates can apply online through the online portal. To apply for this jobs click on APPLY button and fill all the details there. Do not forget any documents and apply accordingly. Similar, if you can have any query drop a comment below.

Additional Information

If you need any assistant through you Appling process or any other job reacted query at SKMT, you can mail on the given emails for desired Locations

  • You can contact SKMT Lahore:
  • For SKMT Peshawar Contact:
  • For SKMT Karachi:
Last Say:

The applicant can also visit other jobs as well, i.e., jobs at Shifa International Hospital, jobs at Maroof International Hospital. jobs at Kalsum International Hospital, and jobs at Aga Khan Hospital Karachi. All you need to do is to search the job at For any other job, you can also direct message us at the given number.

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