Farm Worker job in Canada

Farm Worker job in Canada. Are you looking for employment in Canada as a Farm Worker job? The Farm Worker position at PEETERS DAILRY LIMITED pays between CAD 15-25 per hour. Dairy farmers are responsible for raising cows (and occasionally other animals) for milk production. Animals in their care may depend on them for sustenance, housing, and medical attention. The production of dairy goods is a subject that many farmers understand in some capacity.

Job Position

  • Sales Executive job


  • CAD 15-25 per hour

 Farm Worker Overview and Responsibilities:

  • Animal Care Milk cow handling
  • Assist farmers with their animals by performing tasks like artificial insemination, spraying, shearing, and sanitizing animal housing facilities. Education: Diploma of Completion from a Secondary Institution
  • Working Experience: 3 to 5 Years, or the Equivalent
  • The dairy industry’s cows
  • Employment Duration: Ongoing Role Language: English
  • Work Week: 40-50 Hours
  • Keep an eye out for sick dairy cows to keep your herd healthy and cranking out the best milk possible.
  • Milk dairy cows while ensuring the animals are comfortable and relaxed so that milk production doesn’t drop.
  • Weigh cows, inspect them for injuries or illnesses, and give them preventative medical care if necessary.
  • Cattle and farmhands will be safer and healthier if the pens, buildings, and other locations are regularly inspected to ensure they are kept clean.
  • Maintain a steady supply of feed and water for the cattle to ensure they are never thirsty or hungry.
  • As needed, provide medical care, including medicines, immunizations, and coordination with veterinarians.

Last Date for Application Submission:

  • July 30, 2023
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Job Location
  • Canada

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