Control Room Operator job in South Africa

Control Room Operator job in South Africa. Searching for a job in South Africa as a Control Room Operator job? The Control Room Operator job at MINOPEX pays between ZAR 3000-40000 Monthly. This position’s primary responsibility is to keep a close eye on all manufacturing plant processes to make sure everything is running smoothly and safely in accordance with established norms and protocols. The Bokoni Platinum Mine in the town of Atok in the province of Limpopo is where you’ll be working.

Job Position

  • Control Room Operator job


  • ZAR 30000-40000 Monthly


  • Maintain Minopex’s Health and Safety standards.
  • Be aware of potential dangers while you go about your regular maintenance and routines, and take steps to avoid them.
  • Adhere to all company-provided policies, processes, standards, and methodologies.
  • Always use proper lockout methods.
  • Maintain all necessary legal and operational standards.
  • Maintain a safe workplace by performing a visual examination.
  • Guarantees adherence to regulations and policies set forth by the government and the company.
  • The Scada System can be used to control and monitor all process equipment.
  • Take fast action on Scada System-reported process faults.
  • Locate and report any hazardous situations.
  • Facilitating timely responses to process problems by coordinating the shift’s Process Operators and Attendants.
  • Talk to everyone working in Process and Engineering.
  • Get the right Maintenance people on the line as soon as possible.
  • Finalize all production logs.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the residence.

Qualification and experience:

  • A Level 2 Mineral Processing National Certificate or an equivalent certification beyond High School is desirable.
  • Three years’ experience as a Process Operator is required. Knowledge of how flotation circuits work is a plus.
  • Fluency in the English Language
  • Knowledge of computers
  • Skilled with the Scada System Able to juggle multiple responsibilities with ease
  • Superb verbal and listening abilities
  • Capacity for Time Management

Last Date for Application Submission:

  • July 30, 2023
How to Apply:

Those applicants who are willing to apply should follow the following procedure:

Press the apply button and then follow the process as directed

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Job Location
  • South Africa

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